How do I weight and measure before starting a weight loss program?

Before starting a weight loss program, it is important to record your information to help accurately track your progress. It is difficult to be motivated if you are unsure if you are making progress so ignoring any of these steps is setting yourself up for failure. Also, it is common for people to not lose weight but to lose inches for a time so if you do not weigh AND measure, you will not see half of your progress.

People are often excited to start so make a commitment to yourself to do the following BEFORE the first step is taken toward weight loss.

Take a Photo

  • Take a picture of yourself that is suitable for being viewed in public. Do not think know if you would be willing to let others see it, since you have no idea how you will feel once the weight starts to fall off. 🙂
  • Wear clothing that shows your current shape but will be usable even if you are much smaller.
  • Make sure there is adequate light on your face and the front of your body and avoid the “mirror with the light behind silhouette” syndrome.
  • Choose a neutral background that you will have available to you in 1-3-6 months from now.
  • Date and save the photo for future use.


  • Weight at the same time each day (e.g. you can gain as much as a pound just by showering and then weighing).
  • This is the least important metric but it is commonly used.
  • Record your current body weight for future use.


  • Make sure the tape measure is level around your body and parallel to the floor.
  • Keep tape close to your skin without depressing it.
  • Using a tailor’s measuring tape, record the widest circumference of the following:
    • Upper arms
    • Bust – Measure all the way around your chest and back on the line of your nipples.
    • Chest – Measure directly under your breasts/pecs, as high up as possible.
    • Waist Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of your waist to measure around your torso. Exhale when measuring your waist.
    • Hips – Measure around the widest part of the hipbones.
    • Upper thighs

Track Results

  • Keep the photo and measurements recorded for future reference.
  • Weigh and measure every 2 weeks at a maximum (preferably every 4 weeks).

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