How Important is Drinking Water to Healthy Weight Loss?

Drinking adequate water is the single largest component in any health or weight loss program. With the Valentus weight loss products, you should drink a min of 8 glasses a day to flush out toxins. Increase this amount based on your body weight.

Some water drinking strategies are:

  • Drink water that is cool or room temperature, not cold as it is easier to consume more.
  • Avoid adding any calories or diuretics to water. Fresh lemon, lime, etc. can help for those who find it hard to drink water.
  • Drink 2 glasses of water when you wake-up to flush toxins and activate your organs.
  • Drink water 30 min before your meal meal to feel fuller and prepare your GI tract for digestion.
  • Avoid drinking much during a meal since it dilutes digestive fluids.
  • Drinking tea, coffee, etc. does not count toward the daily volume since they cause you to excrete as much as you consume.
  • Drink water in response to feeling sluggish, weak, headachey as it helps mood and energy.
  • Drink glass of plain water before bed as it helps cell renewal and renal function and prevent stroke and heart attack. If you avoid drinking because you are up frequently to urinate, it may be indicative of blood sugar fluctuations so look at other aspects of your health before avoiding drinking.


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